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INventory Management

Each of our vendor managed inventory programs is customized to meet a specific set of needs. Whether we are in a maintenance shop or a production line, we only stock the products you use. It starts with a specific location for each inventory item. We label it with bar code that indicates quantity, customer part number and min-max quantities. We will service the location as often or as seldom as necessary making sure that your inventory is our problem, not yours.


Weight Based Scales

Our CribBoss technology uses weight to calculate your inventory levels. With 3 sizes of units we can place a system at the stock room, at the department or at the production cell. CribBoss automatically reorders when your inventory drops to a pre-determined level. We can monitor it remotely and so can you. This ensures complete visibility of your inventory levels at any time.

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CribBoss Vending is designed to issue MRO items to employees while maintaining control. You can set limits by employee, by dollar amount and by department. You can grant access to some products and not others. This ensures that employees get what the need to get back to work. It also makes sure that what they don’t need stays in inventory.